Dental Exams

Dental exams are essential preventative measures meant to fight adverse oral conditions like plaque, cavities, periodontal diseases, and gingivitis. In the hands of highly trained dental teams, you will be pleased to learn that these exams are virtually a painless ordeal and remarkably affordable. Regular exams help you to maintain those confident and radiant smiles, so it is important to establish a good relationship with a dentist you trust. A typical oral exam procedure includes the following diagnostic tests:

  • Diagnostic radiography

    Here, the dentist uses X-rays to detect any oral anomalies, such as tumors, bone loss, cysts and decays.

  • Tooth decay inspection

    The dental practitioner inspects your teeth for any signs of cavities and decay during these visits.

  • Restoration examination

    Patients have their tooth fillings and crowns examined during these periodic visits.

  • Cancer screening

    Regular visits to the dentist are excellent opportunities to screen for early signs of throat and mouth cancer.

  • Cleaning

    Dr. Nagele uses specialized equipment to clean your teeth and remove all traces of plaque.

  • Gum disease detection

    Dental exams are used to check and control any periodontal diseases.

Seek Professional Dental Services

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