Dental Services

General dentists are the primary oral health care providers. They perform routine oral health practices mostly focused on preventive maintenance. General dentists carry out x-rays and CAT scans to carry out the initial diagnostics on their patients. With a strong emphasis on the importance of observing healthy oral practices, general dentists help the communities around them avoid the progression of oral diseases. Unlike dental specialists who focus on a specific dental practice aspect, general dentists offer the following services:

Dental restorative care

Once a problem is identified, our dentist ensures an appropriate and timely treatment. Often, removal of a decaying tooth or filling of a broken tooth is mistaken as the only restorative care. This is not the case as it also involves prompt dental trauma treatment as well as periodontal services. Missing teeth can be replaced; dentures fitted and bridge work done.

Preventive services

Dr. Nagele helps to educate the public on oral health issues before they occur. He carries out regular examinations and teeth cleaning. He also advises on how to improve oral hygiene and recommend preventive treatments such as teeth sealing if he sees the need. If you live in Watseka, a Dr. Nagele may deem it necessary to fit you with a mouth guard.

Seek Professional Dental Services

We have been providing competitive dental services to Watseka residents for many years. It doesn’t matter what service you want; our experienced and courteous dentist will give you a reason to smile. Call us today to book services.

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