Crowns cover the visible area of a severely decayed tooth. After part of the damaged tooth is removed, a crown is securely placed over the remainder of the tooth, covering the area above the gum line. Also known as caps, crowns are created by a thin coating of ceramic is placed on a metal or porcelain base. Some crowns created for rear teeth may have gold as their metal.

Why Are Crowns Necessary?

Dentists recommend crowns after evaluating the condition of a patient’s teeth during an examination. Beyond cosmetic procedures to make a tooth look more attractive, crowns may replace a filling that is defective or deteriorating. Crowns may encase a tooth that has suffered so much that a filling cannot repair it. They also offer support for bridges that close gaps caused by missing teeth. In some cases, crowns are recommended after root canals for teeth that have extensive damage on the root below the gum line.

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